Exxaro Resources Ltd

Exxaro is a South African-based mining company with interests in coal, titanium dioxide, energy, and base metals such as iron ore, zinc and pigment. As well as holding 20% of Sishen Iron Ore Company in the listed Kumba Iron Ore Limited and 50% of Mafube with Anglo American, the company has been listed on the JSE since 2006.

One of the largest local black owned mining companies in South Africa, Exxaro focuses on creating value for all stakeholders of their diversified resources business through their processes, thinking and passion. They are a major player in electricity supply to Eskom, and the company is entering the renewable energy segment through their 50-50 JV with TATA, supplying 229 MW to the national grid.

Exxaro is a direct answer to South Africa’s development issues. As a diversified resources company, they focus on these issues in order to align national, regional, local, external and internal stakeholder objectives with the group’s long-term view and objectives.

The company believes that sustainability is an outcome of their actions and strives to add value to the key sustainability capitals: natural, human, social, manufactured, intellectual and financial. Listed on the Socially Responsible Index, Exxaro makes every effort to leave each area holistically richer after mine closure.

Exxaro further focuses on job creation; attracting off-shore investment; the employment of women – 20% of our workforce is women, compared to the industry average of 11%; contributing to the broader education field through investing in education and artisanal training; innovation through increasing funding for R&D; and investing more than on training and development of all employees.

Currently, Exxaro exports 15–20% of coal sales revenue and expects their main growth to be within this market, with R17 billion capex over the next 5 years.

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