Sponsored Content FAQs

In a nutshell…..

AfricaLive is a series of special reports showcasing opportunities on the African continent, each launched worldwide on the digital channels of The New York Times and also distributed directly to CEOs and government leaders across Africa.

New York Times is a global digital publishing powerhouse, with 1.5 million influential readers across the African continent. It is the leading quality news website in the world, and a highly effective channel through which to market African countries and companies

We provide a complete communications solution for you:

Multimedia Production of a Company Microsite + Targeted Advertising Campaign

A Sponsored Content package on AfricaLive is made to match your exact business needs and can be used for lead generation, direct sales, corporate communications, marketing, image building, or country brand building.

Choose from one of three packages;

Sponsorship Logo Campaign, Microsite + Content Marketing Strategy
Send a global message as one of eight corporate sponsors from your industry. Branding on NYT homepage during launch, logo sponsorship on special report homepage, logo sponsorship on all related articles and interviews, microsite build and hosting, search engine optimised article, thought-leadership article, sponsorship of The Insider email bulletin. Microsite emailed directly on launch to industry leaders across Africa.
 8900 USD per 12 month campaign


Masthead Campaign, Microsite + Content Marketing Strategy
Standout as the lead sponsor of your special report. Branding on NYT homepage during launch, logo sponsorship on special report homepage, logo sponsorship on all related articles and interviews, microsite build and hosting, search engine optimised article, thought-leadership article, sponsorship of The Insider email bulletin. Microsite emailed directly on launch to industry leaders across Africa.
 21,900 USD per 12 month campaign


Multimedia Report Takeover
A full multimedia package to run on the special report homepage. Full page takeover of special report landing page. Commission our digital marketing team to create a full multimedia campaign to win you new business domestically and internationally.
 from 34,900 USD

….or here’s the long version with the frequently asked questions

The AfricaLive project is the result of multiple production teams travelling across the African continent, from Madagascar to Botswana to Ghana, building a network of leaders passionate about Africa, and creating complete opportunity map of Africa’s future.

A survey of opportunities and threats to business on the continent was carried about by contacting over 5000 CEOs, our market analyst team built a database of each of Africa’s key markets, we have interviewed over 500 leaders in person, and are working with 50 thought-leaders to produce our Future Africa series.

We have writers, designers, coders, and marketers working across three continents to produce content that is relevant to Africa while being engaging to a global audience.

The result is a full year of special reports and insights into the industries, technology, innovations, people, and decisions which will shape the future of Africa.


How does each report launch with the New York Times?

Homepage Takeover

The New York Times Homepage Takeover does exactly what it says: a complete takeover of the landing page of the New York Times for one week. With this takeover, we will put your brand on the homepage of the world’s leading media title.


The New York Times has 1.5 million readers per month on the African continent alone.

Email Sponsorship

Email news bulletins have been proven by some distance as the most effective way of reaching a decision-maker audience, with 94% of CEOs surveyed receiving news by email bulletin. The campaign includes sponsorship of 723,000 emails sent directly to New York Times subscribers across Africa.


94% of Executives get news from email newsletters

88% of Executives are likely to share good-quality content further within their organisation

Source: Quartz Global Executive Survey

Is the New York Times relevant to African business?

Nowadays, The New York Times is a global digital publishing powerhouse. It is the first digital publication to reach 1 million paying subscribers. It attracts a worldwide audience looking for in-depth, informed reporting on global developments in politics and business.

Within this audience, there are 1.5 million African readers each month. This success story of digital publishing is great news for journalism and great news for advertisers that want to reach an informed audience capable of making trade and investment decisions on the African continent.


My organisation has a specific target audience. How else does my content reach African decision makers?

Your content will be featured in The Insider AfricaLive email bulletin, reaching a verified audience of Africa focused business leaders. The AfricaLive email database is made up of executives across the African continent, and subscribers to our industry reports.

Your sponsored content will also be featured in the Special Report Launch Email, which goes out to all CEOs and executives surveyed in the production of your industry report. In the elaboration of each report our research team will spend at least three months collaborating with companies across the continent, building an accurate database of industry leaders open to information on trade, partnership and investment opportunities.


How do the costs compare to other forms of media exposure?

Reaching an elite audience internationally is prohibitively expensive for 99% of African companies. A full-page print advert in a premium newspaper or magazine would cost on average $150,000 just for one day.

Reaching an affluent audience across Africa is also complicated, with a fragmented market made up of hundreds of titles serving the African business community.

The best way to be sure to reach your target audience is to create content that is relevant to them, host it on an influential platform, and promote it for a sustained period of time.

With a sponsored content campaign with AfricaLive your investment is not only into a targeted advertising campaign, but in the build, design, and hosting of a content microsite that will engage and influence your target audience for as long as it remains online.


How can AfricaLive afford to run international campaigns at a lower price?

Each Special Report and all the sponsored content within is launched across the digital channels of The New York Times, promoted across the web and across social media channels, and hosted for a year on AfricaLive.

Running a campaign of this size as an individual company would normally be prohibitively expensive. However, by bringing the leading companies of a country and/or industry together in the same report, a pooled budget can then be used to distribute the report at scale.

The purpose of each Special Report is to first market Africa, then market your country or sector, and then to market your company. This, again, brings a considerably larger audience and generates much more interest than marketing any individual company.

Your audience is not searching for information on your company, they are looking for trends, opportunities and solutions in your industry.

The key to ensuring return on investment within an AfricaLive report is in creating engaging content which will influence your target audience.


We have advertised in magazines and on websites before, and never seen any significant results. Why would this be different?

We have also seen many companies decide to throw some money at a print or online advertising campaign and not get any results. Failure to research, strategise, then draw up and execute a proper plan will lead to failure in advertising, just like in any other area of business.

The AfricaLive product offering is not advertising, it is a complete content marketing campaign. Running some paid adverts and driving traffic to your website will not work for 99% of companies in Africa.

Content marketing involves creating an experience which will be engaging and relevant to your target audience, using the most effective marketing channels to bring that audience to your content, and being patient (that’s the difficult part for some!) and watching the campaign build over the 12 months it is hosted on AfricaLive. Taking a long term view allows your content to move to the top of search engine rankings, and allows for its reach to multiply as it shared across relevant channels.

Our primary service to you is the build, design, and hosting of a content microsite that will influence your target audience.


How can we influence our target audience? What type of content marketing do you provide?

Our editorial department focuses on solutions based reporting – when we report on problems facing African countries or companies, we also report on the solutions and the people behind them.

Our sponsored content works in much the same way. Each special report is read by industry leaders looking to find solutions for their company, understand the trends shaping their industry, or looking for investment and partnership opportunities. We will create content around the opportunities or solutions your organisation provides through;

Microsite Build

You will have your own dedicated pages hosted on AfricaLive, with your own company graphics, photography, video, and multimedia content. Microsites are fully responsive, designed to run across all devices and platforms.

Search Engine Optimised Article

Our editorial team will create an article focusing on the solution your company offers the market. SEO best practices will be used with the aim of positioning your content by the end of the 1-year campaign on the first page of google for selected search phrases.

Thought Leadership Article

Position your CEO as an expert in your industry with a thought-leadership article. We will work with you on a deep-dive into one subject and publish it on AfricaLive in alongside Africa’s most innovative leaders and companies. Businesses are looking for leaders with solutions, and this process builds your company brand and your CEOs own leadership brand.

Interactive Multimedia Production

Use video, audio, and graphics to build an interactive guide to current trade, partnership, or investment opportunities with your company.

I would like to create something unique for our company, can you change the campaign format for me?

The great thing about digital campaigns is the flexibility they bring. We can target specific audiences anywhere in the world, we can build content using any combination of video, audio, graphics and text.

We love solving problems and building campaigns and would love to come up with a strategy for you to reach your target audience. Just let us know your needs and we will show you how AfricaLive can add value to your organisation. Email our Editor directly with your thoughts; editor@africalive.net