Win New Business with Africa's C-Suite

Mauritius: Incubating African Growth

Win New Business With Africa’s C-Suite

Often we find on the African continent that the entrepreneurs and private equity are not speaking the same language. This is the gap which Mauritius can bridge.

Mauritius must ensure that it continues to have a unique value proposition both for African governments and companies.

Richard Arlove, CEO AMEA Ocorian

It is time to unleash the huge trade potential of our continent and create the right conditions to mobilise both African and Foreign Direct Investment, with the ensuing positive spin on economic development, job creation and, of course, the fight against poverty.

As leaders of the Continent, it will be our responsibility to find innovative ways to finance this vision of a united and integrated Africa.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius

In Africa, we must always ensure we add value. As a nation we have skills in agribusiness, hospitality & tourism, in finance, and we are increasingly seeing these skills being taken to the African continent. It is the “flying geese” concept of development, where one more advanced economy can act as a catalyst to economically develop others.

It is critical that we are always adding value, this is the relationship we are building with Africa.

Alain Law Min, CEO Mauritius Commercial Bank

“Entrepreneurship is at the heart of our group, and it is at the heart of Mauritius. You are correct to say that the development of the group has matched the development of the nation. Looking to innovate and add more value to our resources is the development path we have taken.

It is this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that Mauritius can bring to the African continent. The important thing is that we walk the talk: we have investment across Africa which are creating jobs and leveraging off the skills we have here to drive African development.”

Jean Pierre Dalais, CEO CIEL Group

“Mauritius is the base for Synnove’s expansion across the African continent.

Renewable Energy projects have a unique challenge.  Capital costs are high, but fuel costs are low.  We realize that customers don’t always have the capital required to develop and build these power plants.  Synnove has the resources and team to provide the bridge between the need and a performing project.”

Fred Sisson, CEO Synnove Energy

Mauritius can be the base for African focused companies, and in time the Africa Board of SEM will grow and the depth and liquidity of our markets will grow.

The future for Mauritius depends on being open, and in embracing technology. We must bring the skills required to the country in order to accelerate our progression up the value chain.

Sunil Benimadhu, CEO Stock Exchange of Mauritius

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Building Brand Mauritius

“Embracing new industries and new segments is what is going to lead Mauritius in to its next generation of development. Mauritius can take a lead by embracing digital technologies and understanding the ecosystem required for fintech to develop. There is an opportunity here for early adopters, including countries.

This could be a global play, there is so much opportunity in establishing a global technology hub.”

Ravneet Chowdhury, CEO Bank One

We need both the private and public sectors to work together now to transform the port and port related activities such as logistics as a major pillar of the economy. It is time to move away from the idea of the port only facilitating imports and exports. The major ports of the world all have extremely strong marketing teams travelling around the world convincing shipping lines and operators to base themselves at their facilities. Mauritius does not do this. It is time to market ourselves to the world and establish a light-manufacturing hub serving Africa from here in Mauritius.

Dominique de Froberville, CEO Mauritius Freeport Development

The future for Mauritius is in the development of an innovation economy. There is a ground-up research and innovation culture developing five key industries for Mauritius; health, agriculture & marine, renewable energy, IT & digital technology, and tourism.

Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, Vice Chancellor University of Mauritius

As we have been growing we have steadily added more sophistication to our product offering. We have moved in to fund administration which is more value-add and is more visible to a broader spectrum of people.

As technology develops we are embracing fintech and there has been a lot of investment in ICT infrastructure to ensure anyone can come here and be confident we have the solutions and the infrastructure to provide that next level of service.

Mahesh Doorgakant, President Association of Trust and Management Companies

We are ambitious, and we look for growth. And we are convinced that the growth will come from the African continent. Mauritius has a number of advantages we can bring to the continent, primarily our skills and our people.

When we first went to East Africa, I had assumed that Mauritius was considered small and was relatively unknown. It was surprising to see how highly regarded we are in terms of economic development, growth, financial services and our own offering in the insurance industry.

Bertrand Casteres, CEO Mauritius Union Assurance

“We are the leading company in computer engineering in the Indian Ocean region, and using Mauritius as a base we have access to a market that extends from Asia to Africa through the Indian Ocean.

Birger’s ambition is certainly to capitalize on its dominant position in the region, its ability to innovate and its service-oriented business culture built over the past six decades. We consider that this regional development is a natural evolution.”

Jacques Harel, CEO Birger