About Us


AfricaLive is home to a series of special reports and investigations on the future of Africa.

The purpose of our reporting is to raise global awareness of the opportunities present on the African continent, and to investigate and debate the critical issues which will shape the long-term future of Africa.

Global reporting on Africa is often misinformed, overly negative, and short-sighted. Over 85% of international reporting on Africa follows the “lost continent” narrative. AfricaLive will challenge global perceptions of the continent and put forward the vision of those African leaders that believe in a sustainable and prosperous future for Africa.

The Future of Africa can be one of prosperity and opportunity, where economic growth is achieved in tandem with environmental conservation and sustainability. This can only happen if African voices are heard on the global stage. It can only happen if African companies and governments take bold and decisive action to embrace innovation, drive socio-economic growth and invest in sustainable industries.

All AfricaLive reports, in addition to being hosted on this website, are distributed through targeted digital campaigns with the world’s most influential media titles. AfricaLive will take the key debates on Africa’s future to the people capable of making decisions that will influence the future path of the continent.