About Us

AfricaLive reports from the intersection of business and conservation.

AfricaLive publishes articles, interviews, and analysis in relation to the role of business and trade in Africa’s sustainable development. Our platform is built in collaboration with universities, development organisations, research councils, private sector businesses and selected government agencies from across the continent.

The AfricaLive mission is to connect and inspire leaders working towards the sustainable development of the continent.

The problems facing our planet are complex and require the collaboration of all stakeholders in society including governments, civil society, academia, investors and the private sector. AfricaLive brings those able to affect positive change together on one platform.



The Special Report section organises reporting on subjects such as land regeneration, forests, conservation and water. Here you will find recent news and analysis, research from Africa’s academics, and interviews with industry leaders.

Our content is syndicated across a wide network of African focused publications. Our articles are regularly republished on an average of over 250 websites included global and pan-African titles such as Forbes, AfricaNews, CNBC Africa, Bloomberg, and Engineering News and also reach the leading print publications of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.