AfricaLive spoke with Prof. Mpedi, the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg. In this interview, Prof. Mpedi shared his insights on various topics related to innovation, sustainability, and the role of the university in society.

Innovative Partnerships Driving The Fourth Industrial Revolution
UJ is involved in partnerships with key industry players like Nedbank, emphasizing advancements in artificial intelligence technologies and nurturing entrepreneurial minds.

UJ’s Key 4IR-Related Projects
Prof. Mpedi spotlighted impactful projects, including transforming Gwakwani Village into a smart village, 3D printing of concrete houses to address housing shortages, and the Process Energy & Environmental Technology Station (UJ PEETS) to support the green economy.

Human-Centric Approach in 4IR Implementation
Prof. Mpedi acknowledged potential drawbacks of technological advancements and emphasized the need for reskilling and empowering individuals to mitigate negative impacts and ensure the human element remains central to technological progress.

Can we successfully put the human at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution?

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