A memorandum of understanding is signed for academic and research cooperation between Faculty of Agriculture Cairo University and University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (UGA) and sponsored by Cairo University President Mohamed Othman Elkhosht. The understanding memorandum includes mutual cooperation in education, training, and scientific research programs.

It is also concerned with the involvement of both faculties with academic, service, and research activities, in addition to studying the establishment of joint scientific degree between the two faculties in agricultural production. The cooperation includes holding workshops and research projects in agricultural sciences as well as faculty members and students exchange.

The memorandum of understanding is signed by Cairo University Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Ayman Alkhatib. It is signed by Noel Fallows official of International Cooperation at the University of Georgia as well with Faculty of Agriculture Cairo University Dean Amr Mustafa, Cairo University Secretary-General Magdy Abdel-Qader, and professors from the two sides attending.

Faculty of Agriculture Dean Cairo University Amr Mustafa said that the memorandum of understanding comes in the framework of Cairo University President directions. Cairo University President urges working on supporting educational and research cooperation with global universities. Cairo University President appeals to the university to exchange experiences and accredit joint scientific programs in the framework of Cairo University endeavor to transformation into a third-generation university.

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