South Africa is dipping its toes into a recession, and the continued decline of parastatals such as Eskom and Transnet is escalating the country’s economic woes. One of the many sectors that are facing suffocating constraints is also one of the most important ones: agriculture.

Prof Bismark Tyobeka, principal and vice-chancellor of the NWU

The North-West University (NWU), through various initiatives such as a recently signed memorandum of understanding between the university and the North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (representing the Potchefstroom College of Agriculture and the Taung Agricultural College) that is aimed at offering a framework for cooperation, is committed to finding solutions to the problems that our agricultural sector faces.

“A healthy, thriving agricultural sector is of paramount importance to the current and future prosperity of the country,” says Prof Bismark Tyobeka, principal and vice-chancellor of the NWU.

“Food security, or rather food insecurity, is a global problem. The NWU’s Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences has nationally and internationally rated researchers who are working with stakeholders across the country to help grow the agricultural and agro-processing sectors to optimise opportunities for food production, storage and distribution.”

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