In an interview with AfricaLive,Prof. Abiodun Adebayo, Vice-chancellor of Covenant University has called for great Pan-African collaboration to solve the challenges facing the continent today.

“Africa’s history of colonization has impacted our thinking patterns and modern-day challenges. Factors like revised visa policies lure African talent to the Western world, depleting our local talent pool, especially in critical fields like medicine, economics and ICT. Promoting Africanisation is crucial to retain talent and address these challenges within our continent.

African leaders must strategize to regain Africa’s lost glory. We have abundant natural resources in Africa, sufficient for everyone. To achieve this, we need to promote utilization and a culture of integrity. Our leaders must refrain from theft and misuse of resources for personal gain.

We should strive for unity within Africa, envisioning a united nation with unrestricted movement across African countries.”

Prof. Adebayo speaks with AfricaLive, read the full interview here>>

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