South African Research Chief Calls for Industry Partnerships to Revitalise Industry in South Africa.

The question is, how can we rejuvenate South African industries? It involves revisiting the industrial landscape and figuring out how science can contribute to their growth, competitiveness, and success. We believe that by establishing robust institutions, including stronger universities, we can attract industry partners and make South Africa their destination for gaining a competitive edge.

Our vision for creating new industries may be ambitious, but we’re confident that it can be achieved.”

In a recent exclusive interview with AfricaLive, Professor Fulufhelo Nelwamondo, CEO of the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa, discussed the NRF’s mission, the importance of research with real-world impact, and the role of indigenous knowledge in South Africa’s research future.

Prof Nelwamondo also shared insights on fostering successful partnerships between the research community and industry and addressed the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

Full Interview with Prof Nelwamondo>>

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