In recent years Maurtius has increased its focus on ensuring science and innovation take the country towards a sustainable future. An ambitious space program, for example, saw Mauritius launch its first nanosatellite.

Mauritius Research and Innovation Council CEO Prof. Theesan Bahorun spoke with AfricaLive to highlight opportunities for international collaboration with Mauritius, and to emphasise that the island nation very much sees itself as part of Africa’s innovation future.

“We have a scheme that focuses on research and innovation bridges. This involves collaborations between the Mauritian private sector and the international public and private sectors. Projects are already underway in collaboration with partners in South Africa and Kenya.

We strongly believe that research and innovation is the main pillar of the development of our nation. We are focused on the green economy, emerging technologies, social innovation, health and wellness innovation, financial innovation and tourism innovation. 

We are working to make Mauritius a global hub for innovation and research.”

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