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Unlike many other business schools that offer a linear experience that force-feeds theory to students, Henley Business School offers a holistic learning system.

By blending theory with practice, our holistic learning system means you can look forward to a business education that provides you with insightful business acumen, the ability to both master yourself and lead and manage others, and exceptionally relevant and practical theory that is tried and trusted in practice in your own workplace.

In an interview with AfricaLive.net the Dean and Director of Henley Business School, spoke to AfricaLive about the role of business schools in shaping Africa’s future, and why South Africa should look to Asia for inspiration as it embraces change in the fourth industrial revolution.

Explore the Henley Business School Content Hub on AfricaLive.net to see how the university is working to prepare the continent for 4IR and 5IR.

How Do We Start a Movement to Save the Planet and Stop Climate Change?

This was the question that Henley Business School Africa dean and director Jon Foster-Pedley posed at the inaugural Henley EARTH dean’s dialogue. The dean’s dialogues are virtual conversations, as Foster-Pedley put it; “opportunities to talk to people who have a passion for things that really matter”.

Held under the auspices of Henley EARTH (Environmental Activism through Research and Training at Henley), the panellists were Henk Sa, a partner at EcoMetrix – a South African green economy management consultancy, and eco-warrior Charles Appleby, the founder of N0CO2, a carbon-neutral movement.



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