Geoffrey Odundo

CEO | Nairobi Securities Exchange

“Nairobi Securities Exchange has always had the belief that for Africa to grow it must trade with itself. We are now working as part of the Association of Stock Exchanges of Africa.

Since the establishment of the association, we have created one unified platform for all 29 exchanges in Africa to meet twice a year. The purpose of the association is to drive the sharing of knowledge and begin discussions around cross-border trade and really addressing the issues affecting the African continent.

We are also working on a pilot program that will be called the African exchange linkages program, through this program we will be linking six stock exchanges as the first phase. This will allow investors in other markets to have a window into what is happening in other markets. This will also allow ease in exchanging as this can be done directly from the country the person would like to exchange from.

We believe we are playing a big role as a leading market by providing direction and integration.”

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