Mahesh Doorgakant

President | Association of Trust and Management Companies

Mauritius is now ready to move to the next level. In the early 90s, the Mauritian finance sector was restricted to banking and insurance. We then built our global business industry when we opened up to the world and Mauritius became more of a hub for financial services. The services we provided then were related to corporate financial services and preparation of accounts; things which were relatively simple.

As we have been growing we have steadily added more sophistication to our product offering. We have moved in to fund administration which is more value-add and is more visible to a broader spectrum of people. Now we are moving to the next level and offering more in wealth management and private banking. As technology develops we are embracing fintech and there has been a lot of investment in ICT infrastructure to ensure anyone can come here and be confident we have the solutions and the infrastructure to provide that next level of service.

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