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In addition to publishing, AfricaLive provides communication and lead generation services to companies looking to develop their international reputation and to win new business in new markets.

We understand the challenges involved in entering new markets. We provide a full set of digital marketing and publishing services that will be adapted to your needs as part of a tailor-made growth strategy.

We specialise in helping companies develop their Pan-African growth strategy, and can build effective lead generation strategies for any market in Africa, or to connect African business with the global investment community.



Content Creation & Media Placement

Our production team will work with you to create influential content and place that content onto the media platforms your target audience is using.

Our service

  • * Full Audit of your current digital reputation and footprint
  • * Content creation tailored to your growth strategy.
  • * Republishing on premium media platforms including Forbes, CNBC, AfricaNews and industry-specific publications.
  • * Targeted Press Release to your target markets in Africa.
  • * Press Release Distribution via platform with 15,000 global media contacts
  • * Syndication to over 300 news and business websites
  • * Positioning your story on the first page of Google News


Communicating into multiple African markets at once is complicated and expensive through traditional advertising methods. Harness the power of the media to enhance your reputation across the continent.

Ensure your message is heard in the markets and industries you need to be heard in.



Global CEO Branding & Video Interview Booking

CEO branding is the process of building a company brand around the expertise and knowledge of its CEO. Companies that invest in CEO branding win more business as their CEOs reputation opens more doors and allows access to greater deal flow.

CEO branding can take the form of creating thought-leadership editorial, press campaigns, engaging with media through TV or online media interviews, organising media events or speaking tours, competing for international awards or securing book publishing deals.

Our work will ensure you are seen as a trusted industry expert that understands the future of your industry, and the future needs of your clients.

As part of Global Press Network Ltd, we offer premium branding and media campaigns through placement on US media networks with a minimum of 12 media placements in the first 60 days guaranteed. Exposure on this level provides contacts and content that can be used as part of a long term strategic growth plan.

For those targeting regional growth, the same principles of CEO branding can be applied to win exposure on local media platforms.




Investor Outreach and Lead Generation through LinkedIn

Turn your media coverage and content creation into powerful tools to win new business or investment via a LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Our team will build a database of leads tailored by the geography, industry, job title, and company size of your target audience.

We then employ a strategic outreach campaign using a series of messages designed to inform new leads of your value proposition. This a social selling approach; non-intrusive, personal, and designed with informing and helping the prospective client at the heart of the strategy.

For B2B lead generation and sales, LinkedIn is the most powerful and cost-effective platform for finding new leads.

Every month, our team will deliver appointments with leads that exactly match your buyer profile, ready for your sales team to close.

Our Service

  • * Audit of current online reputation and content
  • * Initial product or service analysis to ensure it is well matched to LinkedIn lead generation, with sufficient leads available.
  • * Content creation to boost your online profile
  • * LinkedIn profile management & daily progress report.
  • * Outreach to up to 1800 people in your target audience per month. Expect 20 to 25% positive acceptance at this stage.
  • * Qualify and develop leads with follow up messages.
  • * Book appointments and pass to your team to close.


African companies are lagging behind the world in realising the potential of LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. Provided your product or service stands up to scrutiny, incorporating LinkedIn into a strategic lead generation campaign will return multiple returns on investment, consistently, and cost-effectively.

Combining LinkedIn outreach, media coverage on premium platforms, and the extensive executive network of AfricaLive creates an effective platform for growth.


Targeted Digital Campaigns & Search Engine Optimisation

Drive organic traffic and increase your website’s SERP visibility with full package SEO services. Move your website or microsite to the top of Google searches. Optimise your website and turn it into your most powerful sales agent.

How do we optimize websites? We combine high-quality content, technical optimizations, and link building in order to get your pages ranking for target keywords while helping users find relevant content.

SEO and paid search campaigns are implemented as part of a long-term strategy to ensure consistent lead generation through your digital channels.


Landing Page Campaigns

Landing pages are the most powerful way to ensure the success of a product launch, investment drive, partnership outreach, or a campaign into a new market.

Information can easily be a lost or messages diluted within your main website. A landing page creates a unique page, with a clear message, strategy and target.

Our Service

  • * Build and host landing page
  • * Content creation designed to generate leads or email sign-ups.
  • * Drive your exact target audience to your landing page through organic search and paid campaigns.
  • * Monitor, report and optimise.






We will help you build automated systems to streamline your company operations and position you for growth.

Automating marketing or back-office activities creates a scalable lead generation and sales machine, reduces company running costs and frees up time for your management and sales teams to focus on high-value tasks.

What can be automated? Digital marketing, lead generation, email response chains, social media outreach, invoicing, bookkeeping, and any repetitive administrative task.

In addition to improved efficiency, your systems will deliver better data and reporting. Data that will ensure better decision making, improved access to credit, and more rapid growth of your business.

– Get a Free Digital Audit –

Our goal at AfricaLive is to help African companies win new business, investment, and high-value contacts across the continent, and worldwide. Our team will conduct an audit of your current digital presence free of charge, and highlight areas where we can facilitate connections with decision-makers in your target market.

On a follow-up call, we can analyse areas where automation could save you money or accelerate your growth.