University of Cape Town Team Part of €40m ‘CARE-O-SENE’ South Africa–Germany Project to Decarbonise Aviation​

  • Could a major breakthrough in tackling the aviation sector’s carbon footprint be near?
  • The University of Cape Town is a research partner on a project to make large-scale production of green kerosene possible by 2025.
  • The CARE-O-SENE project is about making the future fuel for aviation. If successful, it would create a path for the aviation sector in future to be carbon neutral.
  • Professor Michael Claeys of UCT stated “I believe we ought to be able to do it in three years. We are building an excellent team here at UCT, and our partners are leaders in the areas of the work that they are tackling.”

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is one of the partners in a €40 million (approximately R718 million) three-year research project that aims to develop and improve next-generation catalysts that will play a large role in decarbonising the aviation sector by creating sustainable aviation fuels.

UCT Team Part of €40m ‘CARE-O-SENE’ SA–Germany Project to Decarbonise Aviation

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