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Vaccine research
The Covid-19 pandemic's unequal vaccine access has spurred South Africa to bridge the gap in African vaccine development.
Inside the research hub looking to solve real world challenges facing Africa and the Middle East.
It is a monumental stride towards combating the HIV pandemic.
"We must create tailor-made solutions for us that insulate us from concepts like ‘Vaccine Apartheid’, where people from this side
The Iroko 3D printer with construction workers surrounding it
2024 could see a revolution in Africa’s construction industry, while sectors like healthcare and aerospace continue to evolve in Africa
The research will assess how organisms can sustain life in space's harsh conditions.
Fulufhelo Nelwamondo National Research Foundation
National Research Foundation CEO issues a call to action to create South Africa's industries of the future.
Nigeria's Covenant University seeks to influence global food security, climate, waste management, and electronic governance to shape West Africa's future.
Prof. Pamela Dube, Vice-Chancellor of Central University of Technology sees international collaboration as the key to research success.
University of Cape Town Deputy VC: Research and Internationalisation Prof. Sue Harrison speaks to AfricaLive about solving South Africa's challenges
Mauritius seeks to be a global innovation hub and projects are already underway in collaboration with partners in South Africa
Prof Olubukola Babalola of North-West University warns unsustainable practices could push South Africa to a food security crisis.
3D printing reduces waste. The construction industry produces over 30% of the world’s waste and is responsible for more than 40%
Vast arrays of solar panels floating on calm seas near the Equator could provide effectively unlimited solar energy to densely
Working to ensure the human remains central to technological progress.