Client and Partner Testimonials


We appreciate the opportunity given by Africa Live to the department, and in particular to the Ministry, to speak broadly on mining in South Africa. We look forward to working with the team in future.

– Natie David Shabangu, Media Liaison Officer – Ministry, Department of Mineral Resources of South Africa.

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“We were extremely happy with the product and was glad to have had the opportunity to take part in this report” 

– Scott Langley – Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Durban ICC

“Thank you for your work on our microsite. Your team’s media work is important for our development”

– McEdward Murimbika, CEO of Siyathembana Group


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“This type of report is very invaluable, especially thinking about what we are all trying to do. The more coverage organisations such as ours can get, the better. It is our job to make sure that the positive side of South Africa, as well as the work that is being done to improve things, are known, spoken about and reaching the international audience. Likewise, for the sake of South Africans, the public and private sector leaders need to stand up and say “This too shall pass”. We are the ones that need to inspire positivity and change.”

– Dr. Thulasizwe Mkha, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Agribusiness Development Agency (ADA)

“It is very important for us to reach out to investors. One of the biggest challenges in our economy is the ability to attract a different kind of investment than those currently in place in the mining and the rest of the traditional sectors. FDI Spotlight is creating a mouthpiece for us which will enable us to speak to more investors. I think South Africans should support this kind of initiative – it is giving us the opportunity to promote the country and to tell the good stories. The traditional forms of media tend to mainly tell the bad stories and publish what is negative; South Africa is a good story in itself to tell, and we need to get that out there.” 

–  Thabo Owen Mokwena, Chairman of Leago Group

“So much is happening in Botswana right now, and it is great to know that there is a platform through which we can promote the country and keep it on the map. South Africa’s current political and economic situation impacts the other African countries, and this includes Botswana. Our inflation, especially food inflation, has risen quite substantially; therefore it is crucial that we do as much as we can to promote Botswana to the international community and attract as much positive investment as we can.”

– Reinette Van der Merwe, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Botswana


“Apart from the design, which is user-friendly and quite attractive, I would have to say that an app such as this is very important for international investors and representatives throughout the industries of the different countries published. It gives the international community, even if they are not necessarily interested in investing, the full snapshot of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and anywhere else you go. People get a more truthful and real, for lack of a better word, image of mining, infrastructure, financial services, retail and any of the other industries. I think it is a fantastic way to promote countries.”

– Nkata Seleka, Managing Director of Sleek Foods

“The mainstream media will never be able to get the message across in the way that it needs to be delivered. People will only take the needed action to learn about Namibia when they need to or have real interest. It is up to us to generate that interest and why what you are doing is so amazing – it helps to generate the interest in the country that we need. This type of platform also helps to change the conversation and give people information other than what is happening politically. It gives investors an entirely different picture of Africa and of Namibia.”

– Jerome Kisting, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of Baobab Capital (Pty) Ltd, Namibia.


“With so much happening all over Africa as the new frontier for investments, you are acting as a powerful enabler & catalyst to convey the right, credible and trusted information to various stakeholders. You are also at the same time promoting the right ecosystem in terms of business partners with whom we can do long term business ventures in the region and in the African continent itself. Keep the value chain in the continent itself…”

– Mr Nitin Collappen, CEO of Sunibel Corporate Services, Mauritius


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