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The research will assess how organisms can sustain life in space's harsh conditions.
Prof Olubukola Babalola of North-West University warns unsustainable practices could push South Africa to a food security crisis.
"The time for indecision is over" says Prof Tyobeka of North-West University.
"We are not merely talking about another vaccine; this is a beacon of hope"
The research will assess how organisms can sustain life in space's harsh conditions.
Improved nuclear forensic capabilities will contribute to global security.
Vaccine research
The Covid-19 pandemic's unequal vaccine access has spurred South Africa to bridge the gap in African vaccine development.
Mixed-reality simulation has been shown to improve pedagogical proficiencies.
The global shift away from traditional animal testing methods is gaining momentum.
Globally, the NWU has shown significant improvement in the QS rankings.
In the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to help individuals who cannot rely on their natural speech to
Medicinal plants offer great promise to change lives in South Africa.
The appointment strengthens ties between South Africa and the global nuclear community.
The latest QS rankings place the North-West University among the top global universities for environmental and social sustainability.
With the aid of thermal energy storage systems it is possible to use solar cookers to prepare hot meals at
South Africa's freshwater sources are under pressure from various kinds of contaminants, and NWU researchers are searching for ways to
One of the most challenging anxieties of the 21st century is safeguarding food security for the world's exponentially growing population,
By managing water sustainably, we ensure a better life for all in Africa.
Making artificial mussels in Germany: Dr Sonja Zimmermann, Ms Marelize Labuschagne and Dr Hannes Erasmus.
Researchers from North-West University (NWU) and Universität Duisburg-Essen in Germany have developed an early warning tool for metal pollution in
North-West University (NWU) academic Dr Makhotso Lekhooa is investigating the possibility that an indigenous plant can be used to treat
A North-West University (NWU) graduate is bringing together age-old plant knowledge and the latest nanotechnology to make the most of
Our oceans are choking on plastic debris. In fact, marine plastic debris is one of the most pressing environmental concerns