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It is a monumental stride towards combating the HIV pandemic.
Sol Plaatje Univerisity VC: South Africa has tremendous human capital, and universities uplift the nation during difficult times.
The Iroko 3D printer with construction workers surrounding it
2024 could see a revolution in Africa’s construction industry, while sectors like healthcare and aerospace continue to evolve in Africa
Fulufhelo Nelwamondo National Research Foundation
National Research Foundation CEO issues a call to action to create South Africa's industries of the future.
Rapid prototyping at the Central University of Technology
MedAdd provides a groundbreaking solution through localized 3D printing of medical devices.
3D printer outdoors at the University of Johannesburg
3D printing reduces waste. The construction industry produces over 30% of the world’s waste and is responsible for more than 40%
ITIKI was successful in bridging recent technological innovation with indigenous knowledge.
Innovative solutions are being found to Africa’s farming challenges.
Prof. Pamela Dube, Vice-Chancellor of Central University of Technology sees international collaboration as the key to research success.
The University of Cape Town tackles South Africa's challenges by building impactful university - industry partnerships.
"The time for indecision is over" says Prof Tyobeka of North-West University.
Dr Bridget Ssamula Engineering Council of South Africa
Engineering Council of South Africa CEO Dr Bridget Ssamula, knows how engineers can create a greener and more prosperous Africa.
The coming years are critical for the “difficult-to-decarbonise” cement and concrete industries.
The global shift away from traditional animal testing methods is gaining momentum.
"We are not merely talking about another vaccine; this is a beacon of hope"