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ITIKI was successful in bridging recent technological innovation with indigenous knowledge.
Working to ensure the human remains central to technological progress.
Inclusive education is a tenant of sustainable development and features prominently in multiple Sustainable Development Goals and in our case
If we want to grow an inclusive economy, we must build a strong and stable Fourth Industrial Revolution education system,
3D printer outdoors at the University of Johannesburg
3D printing reduces waste. The construction industry produces over 30% of the world’s waste and is responsible for more than 40%
The Iroko 3D printer with construction workers surrounding it
2024 could see a revolution in Africa’s construction industry, while sectors like healthcare and aerospace continue to evolve in Africa
Vast arrays of solar panels floating on calm seas near the Equator could provide effectively unlimited solar energy to densely
South Africa has an estimated 35 billion tons of coal reserves and is thus ranked 8th, constituting 3% of the total
Workplaces are adopting new forms of advanced automation at a rate that suggests a digital revolution in the making. Digital