Introduction: Purpose of the AfricaLive Innovation Map

In collaboration with Africa’s leading universities and research councils, AfricaLive has launched a project to map the continent’s most impactful innovation-focused projects.

This collaborative project addresses the lack of international visibility often faced by African academics and innovators.

By comprehensively mapping research, investment and partnership opportunities, the initiative seeks to highlight Africa’s critical contributions to global innovation.

The key goals of the project are:

  • Increasing international media coverage and exposure for African innovation and research.
  • Facilitating new academic partnerships and collaborations between African institutions and global peers.
  • Building a centralised platform for open communication regarding the projects aimed at tackling Africa’s most critical challenges.

Follow The People And Projects Shaping Africa’s Future

Over the course of 2024, AfricaLive will work with a growing network of media organisations to report on;

– Technology & Agriculture: Tackling Africa’s Food, Soil and Land Challenges With Emerging Technologies

– Indigenous Knowledge & Research: Using Ancient Knowledge To Tackle Modern Challenges

– Innovation in Healthcare

– Scaling up Africa’s Start-up Incubators

– Innovation & The Climate Crisis: Shaping Africa’s Future Energy, Water and Transport Infrastructure

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